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WTF! Pigeons Are Used For Smuggling Now & How This All Is Done Will Surprise You!

We all know about pigeons being messengers and one of the earliest means of communication. Many Bollywood films have made songs on this reference. Before modern means of communication were invented, pigeons were the only source. They are not used for such purposes anymore; what you are about to read will sure surprise you.

It has been recently discovered that pigeons are being used to smuggle drugs from one place to another.

According to a Tweet by Al Arabiya, Kuwait customs has seized narcotic 178 pills from a backpack that was wrapped around a homing pigeon, which is believed to be coming from Iraq.

Al Arabiaya’s Tweet said.

Here’s the tweet.


Shocking images: Traffickers use pigeon to smuggle drugs into #Kuwait

A backpack? That’s creative to be honest 😉

Here’s one more pic!

It might sound ridiculous and unbelievable but the pigeon was caught above a building near the customs’ department in Abdali province near Iraq’s border. Why would a drug carrying pigeon go near the customs? Well, it may be a coincidence, or may be not. But what’s more interesting is the way Twitterati reacted to this.

Everyone got confused and couldn’t decide if they should get mad at the pigeon or adore it. Well, it is tough because the pigeon truly is adorable.

Here are some of the Tweets by Twitterati.



Exactly, Its too cute to be mad at.


Any specific law about this?


However it may look but using animals for smuggling drugs is no way moral. The person behind this should be punished.

What is your opinion on this? Do let us know.

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