KRK Slammed Sachin’s Biopic & Gave The Worst Review! Got Bashed By Sachin’s Fans

KRK, the self-proclaimed critic has always been the butt of jokes on social media. He is always in the news for wrong reasons. Instead of doing something good, KRK is busy abusing and criticizing everyone.

Kamaal Rashid Khan always tries to seek attention with his non-sense and disgusting tweets but all he gets is abuses and hatred. It seems KRK is unable to control himself when he starts abusing someone. Whenever a movie is about to release, KRK is ready with his Sh*t. He did the same today with Sachin Tendulkar’s biopic; KRK slammed the biopic and called it a mere documentary.

Sachin: The Billion Dreams is all set to hit the screens tomorrow; cricketers and celebs have given a very good review, but KRK’s opinion is completely different. Once again, he has poked his nose and declared the movie as nothing but a “Compilation of old videos”.

How can he review the film without watching it? Isn’t he stupid to do this?

Here’s the tweet,


His tweet reads, “So #SachinABillionDreams is made by all old available videos of Sachin, means it’s a real documentary of him. Sorry I can’t Jhelo it at all.”

Sachin Tendulkar is respected all over the world and so, it was obvious that after seeing this tweet, Sachin’s fans were going to hit back at him.

Here’s how they trolled himm;

Fate manforce ke natije!


Bandar kya jaane adrak ka swaad!


Aukat nahi hai!


Stay away!




Pehle khud toh kuch karle!


Khud ko dekh!


And this is how KRK was bashed left and right; Sachin’s fans will not hear a single word against their star and it was clearly visible from these tweets.

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