Fan Seeking Financial Help Trespasses Into Amitabh Bachchan’s Bungalow!

This is not the first time a fan has trespassed or lurked around Amitabh Bachchan’s Juhu bungalow, Jalsa. However, what’s scary is how fans go an unimaginable extent in order to get a glimpse of the actor. Recently, once again, a similar situation occurred outside the actor’s residence when a fan, hailing from UP, forced himself in his bungalow. According to a report in a leading tabloid, a 19-year-old named Rehman Khan from Uttar Pradesh came to Mumbai to gather money for his ailing sister’s treatment, from the megastar. The incident occurred few days ago when Bachchan was at his Jalsa residence. Khan told the Mumbai police that he heard about the star helping those in need and wanted to get some financial help for his sister. But considering what a big star he is, his security guards didn’t entertain him.

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Therefore, he took a stealth move by jumping over the compound wall! Of course, as soon as the ‘fan’ found himself inside the house, he was caught by Big B’s guards, who quickly handed him over to the Mumbai police, without notifying the star about it. Rehman did make some noise and called out the star while he was being escorted out of the house (roughly, of course) but before he could make more noise, the guards took him out of the premises. Neither Bachchan or any family members were notified about this incident.

In his statement, Rehman Khan said that after trying to reach the actor, he was forced to take such a step. He has made several attempts in the past as well, to reach the actor. But sadly, as he wasn’t able to get past the guards, he decided to take an extreme measure. The Juhu police have booked him under the section 447 (criminal trespassing) of the Indian Penal Code. On the same, senior inspector Sunil Gosalkar of Juhu police station confirmed the news and affirmed that necessary actions will be taken against Khan. Although Rehman’s intentions were good, his approach was at fault. We wonder if the actor will do something to help the man in need.

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